Haag-Streit BP 900 LED Slit Lamp

Brand: Haag-Streit


Designed for routine practice, the Haag-Streit BP 900 slit lamp is equipped with a modern optical system offering 3 magnifications and imaging capabilities.

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Designed for everyday practice, the Haag-Streit BP 900 slit lamp offers three magnifications (10x, 16x, 25x) as well as imaging capabilities.  It’s optical excellence and wide aperture allow for comfortable and fatigue-free exams.


  • Specially designed light spectrum guarantees best details in diagnosis from cornea to retina
  • Brightest, most homogeneious LED powered slit
  • Energy-saving
  • Never change a bulb again – it lasts a lifetime
  • Imaging ready with all-in-one slit and fill illumination
  • Improved ergonomics through combined slit and fill illumination control located on the tabletop