Haag-Streit IM 910 Imaging Module

Brand: Haag-Streit


Equipped with an ultra-sensitive camera, the Haag-Streit IM 910 imaging solution produces images of exceptional quality even under difficult light conditions.

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The Haag-Streit Imaging Module 910 is instantly ready when you need it.

Finally, the days of cumbersome slit lamp imaging are over. By the turn of a knob, the Imaging Module 910 shares your view within your microscope directly on your screen – instantly! Capturing images is equally easy – when you decide to document a finding, press the camera trigger button, and the software takes care of the rest. Simply switch off the camera after image capturing and get 100% light in the eyepieces again.


A striking image with every shot

The camera sensor and the superb optics of the Imaging Module 910 provide you with outstanding image quality – but that’s not all.

With conventional slit lamp cameras, the success rate of conclusive images is often disappointing. To overcome this, the Imaging Module 910 provides you with smart features that are at work for you in the background. A performant auto-exposure mode in combination with the automatic aperture control guarantees great illumination at all time. In addition, the image selection algorithm ensures that you get the sharpest and most expressive image possible. Simply concentrate on your examination and let the Imaging Module 910 do the rest.

Work the way you want

We believe that tools should adapt to your needs and not vice versa. For this reason, the Imaging Module 910 can be used in different ways and integrated into many different environments.

Whether you are in standalone mode storing your images directly to your EMR, or in EyeSuite mode which is fully integrated into the EyeSuite software, the Imaging Module 910 always gives you brilliant and meaningful images at the push of a button.

Ideal workflow – no distraction

The control panel allows to operate both the camera and the slit lamp illumination. Located in front of the joystick of the slit lamp, it can be used blindly while focusing on the patient. The compact and modern design conforms to the design of the slit lamp. Thus the Imaging Module comes as a component of the whole system, thereby supporting an ideal examination workflow.

Flexible interfaces for easy network integration

The EyeSuite software is designed for optimal patient flow in busy practices. Supporting the Haag-Streit imaging solutions, EyeSuite makes the slit lamp fully networkable. Thus, no proprietary third-party software is required to provide connectivity. If the slit lamp is connected to an EyeSuite server, all the images taken can be accessed remotely from any number of viewing stations connected to the same database.


Compatibility BQ 900 
Beam path
Right side 
Control panel
Depth of focus control
Camera interface
Shutter system
Global shutter 
Pixel size
3.45 µm 
Sensor size
2448 x 2048 
Frame rate
30 (frames per second) 
EyeSuite Imaging (optional) 
EMR interfaces
EyeSuite script language, DICOM (SCU) GDT, Samba Share for direct import into patient file
Connector Box
Connector Box connectivity
HDMI out, DisplayPort out, Ethernet