Heine Beta 200 Streak Retinoscope Head

Brand: Heine

SKU: HI0HE0215353_

The Heine Beta 200 Streak Retinoscope head offers total precision in selecting a parallel illumination beam.

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The Heine Beta 200 Retinoscope is used for exact measurement of refractive error. Both myopia and hyperopia and astigmatism can be measured.

Comes with Standard AV Connector lock type or Twist Lock type. Handle not included.



  • Patented ParaStop. Exclusive system allows for selection of a parallel light beam – provides for additional verification after correction.
  • Optional orange filter. Reduces patient dazzle without affecting the fundus reflex.
  • Streak or spot Retinoscope. Simply by changing the bulb – Flexibility for the individual needs of any practitioner.
  • Optional holder for fixation cards. For dynamic retinoscopy.


  • Integrated polarisation filter. Eliminates stray light and internal dazzle to provide the brightest fundus reflex without distraction or glare.
  • Continuous brightness control allows you to set the perfect light intensity.
  • Ergonomic shape. Blocks ambient light from the examiner’s eye – removing distractions and making it easier to identify streak behavior and neutralisation.
  • Detachable brow rest. For users with glasses and increased comfort and control during examination.


  • Heine offers a 5 year guarantee
  • Heine makes no compromises in manufacturing high quality medical instruments. Our commitment to vertical integration in manufacturing means we control all aspects of our instrument quality, from utilising carefully selected, well-matched materials to a high level of hand assembly. This ensures that each HEINE instrument meets or exceeds all requirements in any medical environment.
  • Dustproof design protects the precision optical components and eliminates any service requirements.
  • High quality metal controls allow precise adjustments for a lifetime.