Marco Bravo 2 Instrument Stand

Brand: Marco


The Marco Bravo 2 Stand features an attractive, modern design and convenient membrane console panel.

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The Bravo 2 Instrument Stand from Marco combines a fresh, new updated design with our high standards of performance, function, and durability. With a strong emphasis on simplicity and economy, the Bravo 2 stand provides the perfect blend of everyday efficiency and value.


  • Instrument Control Panel – A simplified, redesigned membrane console panel provides controls for exam chair elevation and auto return, overhead lamp with adjustable rheostat, and three rechargeable instrument wells that accommodate all brands of handheld instruments.
  • Counterbalanced Slit Lamp Arm – Creatively designed and engineered, the robust counterbalanced slit lamp arm provides an expanded range of motion to better accommodate a wide variety of patients, including handicap patients. A conveniently located locking/release mechanism provides smooth up/down travel and locking of the slit lamp. An electronic outlet is and USB charging port are also included.
  • Counterbalanced Refractor Arm – Carefully built with a natural, comfortable motion, the counterbalanced refractor arm includes a solid locking/release lever that ensures precise adjustments and secures locking of the refractor head in all three dimensions.
  • Overhead Lamp – Consistent with all Marco stands, the overhead lamp includes a long-lasting LED bulb that provides bright, direct illumination for general lighting or focused minor procedures. Durable construction allows for stable, one-handed adjustments in any direction.


Stand Base 22″ x 23.25″
Height Console 33.5″
Height Pole 33.5″
Slit Lamp Arm Capacity Up to 60 lbs
Range 13.5″
Refractor Arm Capacity Up to 20 lbs
Range 12.5″