Potec PLM-8000 Auto Lensmeter

Brand: Potec


Take precise and accurate measurements with the Potec PLM-8000 Auto Lensmeter. Measures various lenses with a wide measurement range of refractive powers.

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  • Hartmann Wavefront Sensor (HWFS) technology adopted.
    The HWFS-based technology and the algorithm compensating for light loss are adopted to minimize the measurement error and produce more accurate value

  • UV/Blue Light Transmittance Measurement
    Since the ultraviolet(UV) transmittance of ordinary lenses or sunglasses is measured and the measured value is displayed with the UI, you can check the data more intuitively.
    It is possible to measure the transmittance of lens that blocks blue light emitted from digital devices such as smartphones and LCDs.(There are two types of display modes available.)
    Since UV and BLUE DATA can be displayed on a graph at the same time, you can see their trend at a single glance.

  • Green Measurement Light Source
    We have minimized measurement errors by green measurement light sources of wavelength close to the international standard, e-line

  • Automatic Lens Detection Mode
    At the time of measurement, the system provides the automatic detection mode, which determines the lens type, automatically switches to the corresponding mode, and enables instant measurement, In a normal lens mode, it is possible to measure double lens and triple lens.

  • LCD Tilting Function
    A wide tilting angle of LCD provides you bright and clear screen view regardless of your sitting or standing position.

  • 7-Inch LCD Touch Screen
    The system uses a familiar touch panel and widescreen display to enhance user- friendliness and provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface to display the translucent shape and the angle of the placed lens in real time, Thus, you can easily measure the lens.

  • Measuring the pupil distance(PD) and the pupil height of spectacle frames
    Adjusting the lens center area with the direction indicator icon allows you to measure the distance between the left and right lens centers and the pupil height of the spectacle frames.

  • Multilingual Support
    The system supports six languages: English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

  • Auto Cutting Printer
    The system uses a low-noise high-speed auto cutting printer to enable you to output and check the measurement data on the spot and to present the data to customers quickly

  • Various available interfaces(RS-232, Wi-Fi)
    It is possible to support the integrated system management systemically with the Wi-Fi based wireless network communication module, which is installed to exchange data with the Auto Digital Refractor (PDR-7000) and the Auto Ref-Keratometer (PRK-8000) regardless of working conditions.
    Using RS-232 also allows you to interface with existing systems.

Sphere Power(SPH) -25 ~ ±25D(0.01/0.06/0.12/0.25D Steps)
Cylinder Power(CYL) 0 ~ ±10D(0.01/0.06/0.12/0.25D Steps)
Axis(AX) 0 ~ 180° (1° Steps)
ADD 0 ~ 10D(0.01/0.06/0.12/0.25D Steps)

0 ~ 20△(0.01/0.06/0.12/0.25△ Steps)

Cylinder Mode -, +, ±
Prism Mode Rectangular / Polar
LED wave 525nm(Green)
Wave e-Line, d-Line
UV, BLUE Mode 0~100%
Interface RS-232C / WiFi(Option)
Interpupillary Distance(PD)
model: PLM-8000PD

0~90mm (0.5mm Steps)

Etc Marking System Pen type
Display 7inch TFT-LCD(800x480pixel) Touch Panel
Internal Printer Themal line printer with Auto-Cutter function
Power Supply AC100-240V~,50/60Hz
Power Consumption 15~53VA
Size Approx.198(W)x245(D)x420(H)mm
Weight Approx.5Kg