Reichert ML1 Manual Lensometer (Pre-Owned)

Brand: Reichert


The pre-owned Reichert ML1 Manual Lensometer enables you to measure a variety of lenses accurately including single vision, bifocal and contact lenses.

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  • LED Illuminated Target
    The ML1’s LED light source ensures that you will never need to change bulbs again. The comfortable glare-free, green illumination and sharp mires make measurements easy.
  • Cordless
    Battery operated and completely cordless, the ML1 Manual Lensometer gives you total mobility and no cord clutter. The LED’s low power consumption and auto sleep feature ensure a long battery life. The standard AAA batteries are inexpensive and available everywhere.
  • Unrestricted tilting angle
    The ML1 can be adjusted to any angle, providing maximum convenience while measuring. Full 90 degrees tilting allows for easy measurement of contact lenses.
  • Accepts large diameter lenses
    The ML1 can measure lenses from 24 to 90mm in diameter and uses a bold crossline target for easier reading.
  • Prism compensator
    The prism compensator extends the range to 15 diopters for more flexibility.
  • Reichert Quality
    The Reichert name ensures a high quality, reliable instrument that you can count on every time.