Righton Retinomax 5 Handheld Autorefractor

Brand: RightOn


The Righton Retinomax 5 Hanheld Autorefractor offers high-quality performance and a wide measurement range.

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The Retinomax Series, the world’s leading handheld autorefractor and autorefractor/keratometer, delivers wide measurement range on par with table type refr, now boasts greater mobility, stability and accuracy. The Retinomax series is widely used as a global standard device for pediatric, screening, medical care in remote areas, disaster area and wide range of ophthalmic scene. 


  • View Finder – With view finder observation, no limit of operator age. Diopter adjustable range is +/-8D the same as Retinomax3. View finder arm angle is changeable of 0-135 degrees, making measurement easy regardless of patient’s position or posture. Adjustable diopter +/- 8D.
  • Wider Eye Piece – Eye piece relief is 48mm from 32.2mm so that enable to look inside image while even looking at outside. No need to stick eye to the eyepiece all the time.
  • Improved battery life – At 180 minutes, the battery capacity is now twice that of conventional models
  • Automatic Axis Compensation and Extended Measurement Range – Not only does the device let examiner know the cylinder axis angle, but it can also be automatically adjusted if it is not level
  • New Child Mode – While the measurement is being taken, a melody plays continually to keep children’s attention. A constantly changing color display, both on the outside and inside target the device, also keeps children involved during the process.
  • Light weight and easy-to-hold grip


Measurement range

S-20.00D – +23.00D retinoscopy principle
C+/- 12.00D
Axis 0-180°

Minimum required pupil size

Φ2.3 mm

Corneal size measurement

0 – 16.0 mm (manually)

Radius curvature

5.00 – 11.00 mm

Corneal astigmatism

0 – 12.00D


0 – 180°

Residual astigmatism range

0 – 12.00D

Residual astigmatism axis

0 – 180°

Measurement range (center of cornea)

Φ3.2 (R8.0 mm)

PD range

1 to 83mm



Chin rest movement range

45 mm

Pupil size measurement

2.0 mm – 12 mm


254 (W) x 469 (L) x 477 (H) mm


13 kg