S4Optik 2000 Chair & Stand Combo

Brand: S4Optik


The S4Optik 2000 examination chair and instrument stand combination unit provides a space-saving, reliable, and modern solution for your exam room..

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The S4Optik 2000 chair and stand combo unit provides a unique solution to the space versus functionality challenge, all at an affordable price. A small 44.8” (113.7cm) footprint provides total functionality in instrument delivery and patient comfort.


  • Cradle Tilt Examination Chair – The 2000 chair features a precision-engineered cradle track system, convenient tilt release controls, strong yet silent power lift system, intelligent rotation lock, robust foot rest, functional armrests, sensible height control locations, and improved headrest design.
  • Intelligent Slit Lamp Arm – An engineering achievement, this fully counterbalanced arm, incorporates the full function and range, with the lock/release mechanism conveniently located at your fingertips. With a 13” (33cm) range of travel and counter balance up to 60lbs (27.2kg), this arm easily accommodates all. A chair up/down switch is located on the front of the arm and is reversible for left handed set up.
  • Elegant Halogen Overhead Light – The overhead light completes the modern appearance of the combo, yet offers a long-lasting halogen lamp, providing bright, direct light for general lighting or minor procedures. Metal lamp arm construction allows stable, one-handed movements with superior durability. The overhead lamp is low voltage (12V) for safety.
  • Ergonomic Upper (Refractor) Arm – Engineered with natural, and comfortable hand movements in mind, the lock/release lever engages a single lock mechanism in all three dimensions (forward/backward/vertical). A 12.5”(31.75cm) vertical range, and counter balance up to 20lbs (9.1kg) ensures precise and effortless positioning.

Manufacturer SKU: 2000-CB
Short Code: 2000CB


Shipping Weight: 475 lbs
Gross Weight: 400 lbs
Height Console: 29″
Height Pole: 68″