Sonomed Master-Vu Portable Ultrasound

Brand: Sonomed Escalon


The Sonomed Master-Vu can be easily connected to any Windows PC using a USB connection, turning your computer into an A-Scan, B-Scan, or both.

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The Master-Vu from Sonomed Escalon utilizes a quick and easy USB connection to turn any Windows laptop into an ultrasound instrument.

Can be ordered as A-Scan, B-Scan, or both.

Includes carrying case for easy transport.



  • Immersion or direct contact A-scan
  • Manual or automatic capture (cataract, dense cataract, aphakic, silicone oil, and pseudophakic modes)
  • Auto calculation of axial length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, and vitreous, with axial length average and standard deviation provided for up to 5scans per exam
  • Standard IOL formulas: Binkhorst, Regression-II, Theoretic/T, Holladay, Hoffer-Q, and Haigis (optional)
  • Post-refractive IOL formulas include Latkany Myopic Regression, Latkany Hyperopic, and Aramberri Double-K


  • Capture both still images and video clips with frame-by-frame review
  • On-probe activation and capture of scans
  • 12 MHz focused transducer probe, sealed with virtually no sound
  • Near-, mid-, and far-gain and TVG controls
  • Live B-scan display with simultaneous selectable A-scan vector
  • On-screen annotation capabilities, including measurements
  • Continuous zoom and controlled image pan



Scan Modes:
• Direct Contact / Immersion
• 5 Examination Modes: Cataract, Dense Cataract, Aphakic, Pseudophakic (5 settings), Manual
• Review Screen for A-Scan Measurement

• ACD, Lens, Vitreous, and AXL
• Individual Zone Velocities
• Average with Standard Deviations

• Clinical Accuracy ±0.1mm
• Electrical Accuracy ±0.032mm
• Lens Calculations in 0.25D Increments
• 1600 Lens Database

• Available IOL Formulas: Binkhorst, Regression-II, Theoretic/T, Holladay, Hoffer-Q, Haigis
• Post-Refractive IOL Formulas: Latkany Myopic Regression, Latkany Hyperopic, Aramberri Double-K

A-Scan Probe Styles:
• Standard A-Scan Probe for Hand-Held, Immersion, or Slit Lamp Mounted Application
• Soft-Touch A-Scan Probe for Hand-Held Use Minimizing Corneal Compression 


• Transducer Frequency: 12MHz
• On-Probe Activation Switch

• Adjustable Zoom, Pan, and Area Select
• Brightness and Contrast Control
• Near/Mid/Far Gain Control
• On-Screen Annotation

Data Acquisition and Display:
• Scanning Method: Sector
• Frame: 60°, 256 lines, 2000 Samples/Line
• Frame Rate: 30 fps (max)
• Adjustable Acoustic Output for Improved Penetration (Scan Depth: 30-60 mm)
• Capture Frames (.bmp or .jpg) or Video Clips up to 100 Frames (.wmv)
• 256 Levels Gray Scale

• Distance: Multiple Calipers, Precision: 0.046 mm
• Angle: Multiple Calipers and Vertex, Precision: 1/2°

• Electronic: 0.015mm (max)
• Clinical: 0.1mm

Data Management:
• Frames (.bmp or .jpg)
• Video Clips up to 100 Frames (.wmv)