Topcon Chronos Automated Binocular Refraction System

Brand: Topcon


The Topcon Chronos combines autorefractometer, keratometer, phoropter, and acuity testing chart into a single instrument with a compact footprint.

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Chronos combines binocular autorefraction and keratometry measurements with binocular subjective testing and visual acuity in a single instrument that occupies a minimal amount of space and optimizes workflow. SightPilot™ is a guided refraction system that simplifies the exam and provides a step-by-step guide through the refraction process, facilitating delegation.

  • Binocular autorefraction, keratometry and subjective binocular refraction in a single device that takes up less than 4 feet of space
  • Binocular testing streamlines the refraction process
  • SightPilot® software guides operators through the refraction process with a simple user interface and on-screen prompts
  • Perform more refractions without adding exam lanes or trained technicians
  • Multi-function capabilities allow patients to complete the exam without moving to multiple instruments


  • Built-in chart system
  • Built-on autorefractometer
  • Fully featured computerized phoropter
  • Automatic 3D alighnment
  • Adjustable range of heights
  • Wheelchair accessible