Topcon TRC-50DX Mydriatic Camera

Brand: Topcon

SKU: RC0TO3700037TFG

The Topcon TRC-50DX Series is the new gold standard in retinal imaging. It has more digital-ready capability than any fundus camera on the market and represents the most sophisticated and complete retinal capturing device available today.

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The Topcon TRC-50DX Fundus Camera strongly contributes to the unsurpassed quality of Topcon’s retinal cameras, incorporating new functions that enhance versatility and ease of use. This camera can be used with a variety of photographic devices, from SLR digital camera backs to high resolution CCD digital cameras. The LCD touch screen control panel allows the operator to change camera settings with a single touch.


  • Color fundus, red-free, and fluorescein (ICG and auto-flourescence filters available on the 50DX ICG model)
  • Can support a variety of photo devices, from film to super high resolution CCD cameras
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen control panel
  • 50º, 35º, and 20º angles of coverage
  • Small pupil mode and aperture adjustment
  • 21 levels of flash intensity
  • Comfortable backlit panel for use in darkened environments
  • Connects with Topcon’s IMAGEnet Digital Imaging System
  • Exclusive Spaide auto-fluorescence filters available on the Topcon TRC-50DX camera


  • Capture Mode For TRC-50DX: Color/Red-Free/FA, For TRC-50DX (Type IA): Color/Red-Free/FA/FAF1/ICG1
  • Auto Fluorescence – For TRC-50DX (Type IA)
  • Angle of Coverage 50°/35°/20°
  • Photographic Magnifications 1.84x at 50°, 2.45x at 35°, 4.28x at 20°
  • Working Distance 39.0 mm
  • Diopter Compensation Range for Patient’s Eye
    • 0 : -10D to +6D
    • – : -23D to -9D
    • + : +5D to +23D
    • A : +22D to +41D
  • Diopter Compensation at Finder -6D to +5D
  • Optical Head Tilt Upper 15° / Lower 10°
  • Power Supply 100-120V/ 200-240V / 50-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption 1500VA
  • Dimensions / Weight 340 mm(W) x 505 mm(D)x 506-715mm(H) / 35 Kg