Volk Steady Mount

Brand: Volk


The Volk Steady Mount holds and positions Volk lenses steady at the slit lamp for examination and photography.

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This lens positioning instrument mounts directly on the slit lamp and allows your Volk lens to be universally positioned, tilted and angled with accuracy and ease for both left and right eye fundus viewing. Excellent for routine examinations as well as photography and other applications requiring a stable lens position.

The Steady Mount is for use with all non-contact slit lamp lenses and is designed for use with:

  • Volk’s Digital Wide field
  • Digital 1.0x, SuperField®
  • 60D
  • Super 66®
  • 78D
  • 90D


  • Holds lenses steady at the slit lamp to facilitate photography and routine examinations
  • Lens can be positioned, tilted and angled in all planes providing versatility
  • Adapts to all slit lamps and holds all Volk lenses ensuring ease of use