Zeiss Cirrus 5000 HD OCT (Pre-Owned)

Brand: Zeiss


The certified pre-owned Zeiss Cirrus 5000 OCT has high-resolution visualization capabilities and sophisticated clinical applications.

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The pre-owned (used) Zeiss HD-OCT 5000 has high resolution visualization capabilities and sophisticated clinical applications. These include Advanced RPE analysis to track retinal pigment epithelial integrity and Ganglion Cell Analysis to assess glaucomatous loss in the macula. FastTrac™ retinal tracking helps prevent eye motion artifacts. This feature allows for the highest resolution B-Scans to be captured in identical locations throughout the patient’s visit history providing precise evaluation of change in targeted pathologies.

Includes warranty covering parts, labor, and shipping. All certified pre-owned inventory from Lombart is completely refurbished, tested, and re-calibrated by factory-trained technicians. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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  •  HD Smart Scans
  •  FastTrac™ retinal tracking system
  •  Macular Thickness OU Analysis
  •  Advanced RPE analysis
  •  Ganglion Cell Analysis
  •  Guided Progression Analysis (GPA™)
  •  Precision FoveaFinder™
  •  Macular Thickness and Change Analysis
  •  Macular Thickness Normative Data
OCT Imaging:

Methodology: Spectral domain OCT
Optical source: Superluminescent diode (SLD), 840 nm
Scan speed: 27K- 68K A-scans per second
A-scan: 2.0 mm (in tissue), 1024
Axial resolution: 5 μm (in tissue)
Transverse resolution: 15 μm (in tissue)Fundus Imaging:

Methodology: Line scanning opthalmoscope (LSO)
Live fundus image: During alignment and during OCT scan
Optical source: Superluminescent diode (SLD), 750 nm
Field of view: 36 degrees W x 30 degrees H
Frame rate: > 20 Hz
Transverse resolution: 25 μm (in tissue)Iris Imaging:

Methodology: CCD camera
Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Live iris image: During alignmentElectrical and Physical:

Weight: 80 lbs (36 kg)
Dimensions of instrument: 26L x 18W x 21H (in), 65L x 46W x 53H (cm)
Dimensions of table: 39L x 22W (in), 99L x 56W (cm)
Fixation: Internal, external
Internal fixation focus adjustment: -20D to +20D (diopters)
Electrical rating (115V): Single Phase, 100–120V~ systems: 50/60Hz, 5A
Electrical rating (230V): Single Phase, 220–240V~ systems: 50/60Hz, 2.5AInternal Computer:

Operating system/processor: Windows® 7, 4th generation i7 Intel® processor
Memory: 16 GB
Hard drive/internal storage: ≥ 2 T (> 200,000 scans)
Display: Integrated 19“ color flat panel display
USB ports: 6 ports