Innova Systems Rabin Cone Contrast Test

Brand: Innova Systems


The Innova Systems Rabin Cone Contrast Test gives a quantitative assessment of cone and visual pathway function. Available with Microsoft Surface tablet or all-in-one PC.

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Innova Systems Rabin Cone Contrast Test is a revolutionary color vision test utilizing patented cone contrast technology. It allows for earlier detection and better management of retinal disease, glaucoma, and neurological disorders.

The Rabin Cone Contrast Test from Innova Systems is proven to be one of the earliest diagnostic instruments to identify changes from retinal, glaucoma, and neurological conditions. Using patented cone-isolation color contrast technology, it gives a quantitative assessment of cone and visual pathway function, providing a more complete insight into severity and progression over using structural tests alone.

As the functional complement to the OCT, the Rabin Cone Contrast Test will identify disease progression and follow-up frequency.

Rabin Cone Contrast Test has been researched in over 20 clinical trials and can:

  • Identify diabetic eye disease earlier
  • Document sub-clinical progression of Dry AMD
  • Validate pre-glaucoma changes
  • Detect earliest changes from neurological disease
  • Demonstrate improvement from treatments


  • Threshold Testing
  • Testing at a Distant in COVID-19
  • 3-Minute/ Eye Test Times
  • Easy-to-Interpret Reporting
  • Progression Analysis
  • PDF Interface to Electronic Medical Records
  • Quick Auto-Calibration
  • Webinars & Internet-based Training


Tests Included:

  • Rabin Cone CCT
  • Threshold Contrast Sensitivity
  • ProVideo Digital Visual Acuity

Hardware Options

  • 24″ All-In-One Device, Mountable for Use with Visual Acuity
  • 12” Tablet Device, Portable for Ease-of-Use


  • 1-Year Warranty: Replacement Parts, Software Updates and Technical Support
  • Extended Service Agreements Available