Lombart CVS Essential Acuity System

Brand: Lombart


The Lombart CVS Essential Acuity System is easily operated and includes all the most common acuity charts.

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The Lombart CVS Essential was developed with the idea that an acuity system should contain all of the standard acuity charts commonly used in refraction and also be user-friendly and straight forward to operate. The CVS Essential is easy to install and provides quick access to all charts and features. Acuity systems don’t have to be complicated, and this system is simple and affordable. The CVS Essential includes the monitor, HDMI device with software, luminous RF remote, and a wall-mounting bracket with swivel. Snellen Ratios from 20/15 to 20/400, video and still images included, calibration distance is 9ft to 24ft, and monitor size is 24 inches.

The CVS Essential includes:

  • Monitor
  • HDMI Device with Acuity Software Program
  • Luminous RF Remote
  • Wall Mounting Bracket with swivel