M&S Smart System 20/20 Visual Acuity

Brand: M&S


The Smart System 2 | 2020 gives you powerful, state-of-the-art visual acuity testing software in an All-In-One computer (CPU with 22-inch screen) that installs easily in all types of exam rooms, both mirrored and direct.

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By manufacturing the system right in our plant in Illinois, we can produce a durable product with a longer life-cycle, control the quality of the parts, and deliver fast and complete serviceability on each and every unit.


  • Customizable Software
  • Integration with Industry Leaders
  • High-Quality Patient Education Videos
  • Technology Integration
  • Smart System Tablet Technology
  • Glare Testing System (GTS)
  • CustomLink™
  • Electronic Low Vision Testing (eLVT)
  • ATS & eETDRS
  • Contrast Testing Validated to the Pelli-Robson charts
  • Sine Wave Grating Contrast
  • Landolt Ring & ETDRS Contrast Testing
  • Protocol One™

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